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The Metcalfe Live and Learn Resource Centre is part of Rural Family Connections along with the Metcalfe Cooperative Nursery School and the Metcalfe Home Daycare Agency.  This outstanding organization is located in the lower level of the Client Service Centre on Victoria Street in Metcalfe.  Rural Family Connections is committed to providing community-based services to young families in rural Ottawa South.

The Centre offers resources for parents and caregivers to promote the wellbeing of children and the people who care for them.  There are drop-in playgroups every morning which focus on early literacy and child development.  Parents, grandparents and caregivers along with their children from birth to 6 years of age, can meet and socialize in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Osgoode Care Centre LogoOsgoode Care Centre LogoOsgoode Care Centre Redevelopment Project.

The Osgoode Care Centre is developing a multi-year capital fundraising campaign to acquire the funding necessary to respond to the Ministry of Health Long Term Care regulations.  These changes to regulations will require the redevelopment of 68 beds and increase the overall footprint of the facility.  The Greely Lions are proud to support this project and the 100 residents living in what is recognized as one of the top 3 long-term care facilities in the Ottawa area.

For more about the Osgoode Care Centre, click here.

Arden Bridge
 Arden Bridge over Shields Creek, Greely, ON
On 25 November 2000 we held a ceremony to dedicate a new stone bridge to the late Arden Brooks, a great friend of the Greely Lions who had recently passed away.
The bridge, the second stone bridge in the Greely parkland, was funded by the Township of Osgoode with its construction managed by the Greely Lions.
The bridge was engineered by Lion Dave McManus and the principle builder was Lion Ric Olivieri.
The Greely Lions Club is proud of our involvement in the construction of this bridge which is now part of the Greely Loop walking trail.